OCUICAR Consulting offers different services for companies ranging from Consulting, Accompaniment, Management and Training in different Administrative, Production, Distribution and Marketing areas.

We serve in the following areas

Costs, Finances, Tax & Payroll

  • Federal and state tax preparation
  • employee payroll preparation
  • Quality cost
  • Elaboration of cost structures
  • Budget formulation and evaluation
  • Project formulation and evaluation
  • Interpretation of manuals and standards in the area of costs and budgets
    for the public and / or private sector
  • Financial management for SMEs
  • Introduction to project management
  • Management indicators
  • Unit Price Analysis and Break-even Point
  • Internal Audit and Control
  • Formulation and Economic Evaluation of Projects
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Finance for Non-Financial
  • General Accounting Aspects
  • Analysis of administrative procedures
  • Management Indicators and Balanced Scorecard

Inventory & Logistics

  • Inventory management and cycle counting
  • Catering
  • Service Logistics
  • Logistics for Middle Managers
  • International transport
  • Urban Logistics
  • Environmental Logistics / Eco Logistics
  • Dangerous Loads
  • Perishables
  • Deposit Management
  • Logistics

Marketing & sales

  • Customer Support
  • sales strategies
  • use of social media for sales
  • community manager
  • sales, sell and undertake
  • telemarketing
  • collection management
  • sales planning
  • after-sales service

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